Another great deer season season is upon us. The EA Ranch faired very well during the offseason and as evidence, some of the trail cam pictures are amazing. The Ranch received over 10 inches of rain during the summer  and early fall, with 6 inches falling in the last 2 months. We literally watched as some of our tanks filled with runoff right before our eyes!!!! It was amazing!

The wildlife biologist has given his harvest recommendations for the season, and we are already off to a good start of managing the herd. We have seen several good deer so far, including three of our top bucks that we have been watching develop over the last several years. One is a 16 point, another a drop time with a curved down main beam on the opposite side, and the other is just an incredible animal! And he knows it!

The weather has remained warm, but this cool spell should help tremendously and bring the Ranch to life. Gonna really be good starting after Thanksgiving.